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Nike Tease Self-Lacing Shoes

Fans of Back to The Future rejoice, Marty McFly’s power-lacing shoes are coming sooner than expected, with Nike teasing the release of the shoes in a promotional video on Twitter.

These power-lacing shoes are controlled by a companion app and promise to be the “future of the game”.

From the promotional video of NBA players trying out the shoes, they call them “comfortable” and one person asks if he can do one shoe by itself and the app obliges, with the individual remarking “Y’all doing too much.”

We don’t get a glimpse of the actual shoes, Nike is saving that for its “future of the game” event teased for tomorrow.

And while we can’t see what the sneakers actually look like, it does appear you’ll be able to adjust their power laces using your smartphone, based on a video featuring various NBA athletes trying them out.

This is a big step up from the HyperAdapt 1.0 released in 2016, which featured a power button that laced up the shoes when pressed and had no wireless connectivity.

According to a report in Engadget, the self-lacing sneakers are predicted to cost US$350, significantly less than the US$720 of the HyperAdapts.

Although ostensibly for basketball, these shoes will no doubt be a pull for collectors, fans of the classic Back To The Future franchise, and fans with mobility issues.

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