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Qualcomm, Apple Dispute Tipped To Delay 5G iPhone

Apple has revealed it wanted to use Qualcomm chips in its latest iPhones, but the component giant denied supply amid an ongoing licensing dispute. Defecting to Intel, some commentators claim the move may delay Apple’s 5G iPhone launch.

As reported by CNET, during his testimony to the US Federal Commission, Apple Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, asserts Qualcomm would not “support us or sell us chips.”

The iPhone manufacturer has acknowledged it did want to use Qualcomm 4G LTE processors within its iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

The iPhone manufacturer consulted Intel for LTE chips – a dependency some commentators claim may impair Apple’s ability to launch a 5G smartphone, with Intel 5G chips only expected in 2020.

Whilst Qualcomm continues to provide Apple chips for older iPhones, Williams asserts the component manufacturer has denied to equip newer iPhones, amplified by their patent dispute.

“We have been unable to get them to support us on new design wins past that time,” adds Williams.

“This has been a challenge.”

The news comes as the US Federal Commission explores claims Qualcomm is operating a wireless chip monopoly, with customers like Apple forced to pay ‘excessive’ licensing fees, and work with it exclusively.

Consensus is, Apple’s next set of iPhones will only use Intel 4G chips, amplifying claims its 5G phone could be delayed versus rival competition.

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