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Apple $250 iPhone Trade-In

Apple $250 iPhone Trade-InApple Australia is offering $250 trade in for all old iPhones’ for customers who purchase a newer device.

Apple is also offering $215 for a trade-in of an ageing iPad.
However, trade-in’s of new iPhone 5’s and C’s and the newer iPad Air are not accepted, nor are first-generation models.
It is also offering customers free recycling on older generation models.
The move comes as Apple looks to bolster its customer base as rival Android ebb away at its once untouchable user base as cheaper, larger smartphones flood the market. 
The trade-in initiative is part of its “Reuse and Recycle program’ rolled out in the US and parts of Europe.  
The cheapest iPhone 5s costs $869 for 16GB memory and a 32GB model costs $999.