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New Smart Insoles Take Aim At Fitbit, Garmin In Wearables Market

Fitbit and Garmin could soon have another notable competitor in the runners’ wearable tech market, following the launch of intelligent shoe insoles from ambitious London-based startup ‘Nurvv Run.’

Nurvv Run is the maker of smart shoe insoles equipped with pressure sensors to analyse a runner’s behaviour, monitor, and help optimise performance.

The insoles are connected to a tracker which is clipped to the side of a shoe. The wearable device measures speed, elevation, plus other metrics to suggest performance improvements.

Insoles come in various sizes and claim to perform for five hours per charge. Trackers will continue to work with insole replacements.

The company was partly developed by biomechanist, Dr Grant Trewartha, formerly of the University of Bath.

He is recognised for being one of the researchers who aided the implementation of changes to reduce scrum injuries in the world of professional rugby.


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