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New Samsung Technology Set To Charge Smartphones In 12 Minutes

Known for their cutting-edge technology that has seen Apple forced to copy a lot Samsung innovation, the Korean Company has again revealed that they have not lost their touch with new battery-boosting technology that could lead to smartphones being charged five times faster than they are today.

The unlock key is what is being described as a ‘miracle material’ called graphene which is 200 times stronger than steel.

Balls of the material boost the capacity of a traditional lithium-ion battery by almost 45 per cent and dramatically cut its charging time.

Currently, lithium-ion batteries take around an hour to recharge, but Samsung claims this could be slashed to just 12 minutes with the addition of their graphene balls.

– In May 2016 a Chinese company created bendable smart phones made from graphene that could be worn like a futuristic bracelet.

– Graphene is also being used to fight superbugs: In March this year it was found that the wonder material could be used to fight infections if coated on surgeons’ tools because of its germ-killing properties.

–  Ribbons of the high-tech material could even be strapped to plane wings to keep them free of ice in flight: In January 2016 scientists from Rice University proved that the material has electrothermal properties.

Samsung is hoping that their invention will one day help to create long-life electric car batteries that charge significantly faster than current models.

Graphene has been described as a single atomic layer of carbon atoms bound in a hexagonal network.

It not only promises to revolutionise semiconductor, sensor, and display technology, but could also lead to breakthroughs in fundamental quantum physics research.

It is often depicted as an atomic-scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms and their bonds.

Scientists believe it could one day be used to make transparent conducting materials, biomedical sensors and even extremely light, yet strong, aircraft.

Similar to another important nanomaterial – carbon nanotubes – graphene is incredibly strong: Around 200 times stronger than structural steel.

What is Graphene?

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