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Google Pixel Buds Slammed

Google who is facing battles on several fronts has seen their new Pixel Buds which were positioned to take on the AppleBuds slammed by the New York Post.

The publication claims that when Google unveiled the Pixel Buds last month, it promised customers a revolutionary-artificial-intelligence-experience for the low price of US $159.

The search giant’s rival to Apple’s AirPods would put the Google Assistant in your ear, with the added bonus of making you a polyglot through its live translation feature.

What Google delivered, however, was nothing short of disappointing. The Pixel Buds sound far worse than similarly priced earbuds, and most of their functionality goes out the window if you don’t own a Pixel smartphone

The live translation feature is clearly still in its infancy and not something that anyone traveling abroad could realistically rely on, our Nicolas Vega writes.

In short, it’s back to the drawing board for Google.

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