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New Samsung Note 6 Tipped For New York Aug 2 Launch

Samsung is tipped to launch their new Note 6 though it could be called Note 7 at a gala event in New York on August 2nd.

Observers claim that “This Galaxy Note is going to be in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus – the only iPhone release in September likely to come with the new technology of the smart connector and a dual-lens rear camera”

They said that “It’s a smart move to get a little bit of clear air between the Note reveal and the avalanche of Apple’s reveal”.

According to sources the Galaxy Note 6 has a new way to authenticate yourself to the phablet. Previously PIN and fingerprints have been used, but a leak from Korean Supplier Patron points towards Samsung’s potential use of Iris recognition.

The Korean camera firm reportedly won a bid month ago to supply the entire volume of biometric modules needed for the upcoming smartphone.

The report further noted that “Some of renderings of the smartphone have been leaked online, apparently showing that the Note 6 is fitted with two cameras — one for selfies and the other for iris scanning. Compared to fingerprint scanning technology, which works by recognizing 40 traits on a fingerprint, the iris scanner recognizes 266 traits on an iris, meaning the latter offers greater accuracy and security.”

A mysterious UA Profile has appeared on Samsung’s own website, possibly hinting at the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The profile is for a device with the model number ‘SM-N930F’, although no such handset exists.

However, the Galaxy Note 6 has been rumoured under that model number previously.

Moreover, that number follows the naming convention for previous Note handsets: Note 5 (SM-N920), Note 4 (SM-N910), Note 3 (SM-9005), and so on.

A UA (User Agent) Profile is a file that contains information about a device, like model number, screen size, character set support, etc. They’re intended to be used by content providers to ensure that media displays in the correct format for a given handset’s preferences. A UA Profile will, for instance, help make sure that a website displays in the correct resolution on your phone screen.

Interestingly, the SM-N930F profile doesn’t contain any information about phone features, which suggests that Samsung is intentionally keeping the page ‘dumb’ until the phone actually launches.

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