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CEO Of E3 Style Chases Down Money To Fund Questionable Court Case

The CEO of Brisbane based distributor E3 Style Vannessa Garrard, who often bragged to audiences about her success, running a Company that has now been placed into voluntary administration due to poor management, is believed to be canvasing creditors to fund the continuation of a legal fight with The Crest Company and Crawford Giles the CEO of Powermove.

According to a report prepared by administrator Domenic Calabretta from Mackay Goodwin, Garrard is still of the belief that she has a case against The Crest Company who E3 Style is trying to sue claiming lost business and that “their actions” impacted her business.

According to the report, E3 Style creditors are owed millions, now questions are now being asked as to how a Company run by a former PA at the Crest Company could end “in such a mess”.

One source said that due to her inability to fund a case against The Crest Company, she is now approaching creditors claiming that the only way that they could possible get their money back is if they put up the money to fund a case against The Crest Company and Crawford Giles.

Garrard believes that if she won her two legal cases that she would be paid millions however one lawyer has described this as a “fantasy”.

ChannelNews understands that the E3 Styles case which has already cost over $2M in legal fees is questionable at best and even if she did win that damages wold not exceed $250,000 as Garrard’s business was struggling even before she took action against the Crest Company.

One lawyer said that the question for any court in ruling in this case, is whether the actions of Garrard who has been accused of poor business management, impacted the Company or was it the alleged actions of former E Style executives who quit and joined the Crest Company.

Then there is the question of money that she allegedly owes to Crawford Giles the CEO of Powermove who helped fun Garrard when she was purchasing goods from Chinese based manufacturers.
At one stage Garrard told ChannelNews during one phone conversation that both Crawford Giles, the executives at the Crest Company were “crooks”.

“You are only supporting them because I have been successful” she said.

On LinkedIn Garrard is now positioning herself as CEO of E3 Style, KreativeDNA and Zenixx Ltd.

During the past 12 months several leading consumer electronics retailers have moved to distance themselves from E3 Style who at one stage held the licensing rights to several key brands including Warner products.

This was not because of her court case against The Crest Company or Crawford Giles it was because E3 Style was seen as being “unreliable” according to retailers that ChannelNews has spoken to.

Back in early 2015 ChannelNews put it to Garrard that he business was in trouble and that she had approached several people for funding. We also put it to her that her business was “up for sale”.

Garrard denied that her business was in financial trouble and at one stage threatened to sue ChannelNews if we claimed that her business was in financial trouble.

Garrard who likes to brag about her success has also been accused of faking awards that she displayed in her office.

According to sources the awards were made up by a graphic artist.

One of the allegations we put to Garrard, which is now outlined in court documents was that Harvey Norman who at the time was expanding their house brand product ranges in Australia, had been approached to be a potential partner via a shelf Company run by a Harvey Norman franchisee in Queensland.

In December 2015, we exclusively revealed that leading consumer electronics distributor Powermove was suing E3 Style claiming they are owed $285,000 which was as deposit on a shipment of goods destine for JB Hi Fi.

The document prepared by Domenic Calabretta from Mackay Goodwin, reveals that E3 Style is seriously insolvent and that the Companies future if it has any at all, relies on a decision by the administrator as to whether there is a “reasonable possibility” that E3 Style could win a settlement from upcoming court cases in Queensland Courts.

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