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New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 With S Pen Slated For July Launch

Days after the release of a new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra complete with an S pen comes news a Galaxy Z Fold 4 that will also house an S pen is set to be released in July.

The current model Fold 3 does not have an S pen, with research revealing it was seen as an “omission” by customers who forked out more than $2,400 for the top-end Samsung device.

Currently, Samsung sell a separate cover accessory that allows users to attach an S Pen magnetically to the case.

According to South Korean sources, the Fold 3 sold fewer models than its sister phone Galaxy Z Flip 3 last year, but the integration of the S Pen is expected to narrow the gap.

Samsung is also expecting the integration of the S Pen on the Fold 4 to be a big “selling point”, if their research is accurate.

The new Fold 4 will come with a 7.56-inch main display, slightly larger than the current Fold’s 7.55-inch screen.

On the outside will be a 6.19-inch screen, slightly smaller than the Fold 3’s 6.2-inch display.

The external design of the two models also won’t be drastically different, they say, as Samsung is focusing on the durability of the Fold 4.

Plans for an 8-inch foldable phone were scrapped, with research revealing it would have been difficult to hold in one hand, according to online site Elec.

Like the Fold 3, the new model Samsung offering will attach a digitizer on the main OLED panel, which will eliminate the need to charge the S pen separately.
A digitizer is a dual-sided flexible printed circuit board used to recognize the S Pen.

Samsung is currently reviewing an active electrostatic solution, which won’t require a digitizer.

Also coming is a new Galaxy Z Flip 4, which will be unveiled alongside the Fold 4.

It will have a 6.7-inch main screen and a 1.9-inch external screen.

The main screen size is more or less the same as the Flip 3, but the external screen is larger than the prior 1.83-inch.

Samsung is aiming to ship around 13 million units of foldable phones in 2022.

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