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New Samsung Folding Phone & Big Fingerprint Sensor Coming

A brand-new Samsung Galaxy folding phone that is tipped to be less than half the cost of the company’s flagship Galaxy Fold is set to be released early in 2020.

Two devices are believed to be in development one that opens horizontally and another that flips vertically.

One of the devices will be launched at Mobile World Congress in February 2020, and cost between $1,000 and $1,100 in Australia when released.

According to a report by the Korea Herald, the phone, doesn’t currently have a name.

Samsung’s only other collapsible device, the Galaxy Fold, has encountered myriad problems since being introduced earlier this year, including issues problems with its display that caused its screen to deform or in some cases, become completely unusable.

Since then, however, Samsung corrected the Fold’s course, releasing the device to consumers last month – whether a new design will dispense with the phone’s issues should be revealed with time.

At an annual developers conference last month, Samsung teased the device in a video rendering that showed it bending vertically like a clam shell as opposed to horizontally like a book.

In other news the upcoming Galaxy 11 is set to incorporate an in-display fingerprint scanner which is said to be considerably larger in surface size than its predecessor.

Qualcomm recently announced a new 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor that can support up to two fingerprint scans at once.

This technology could also be built into other Samsung devices. The new 3D Sonic Max is the successor to the 3D Sonic Sensor from last year and will allow users to scan two fingerprints together at once for added security.

The notable boost in the sensor’s capabilities is due to the 17 times larger recognition scan resulting in faster recognition of a single fingerprint.

The 3D Sonic Max also allows for a 1 in a million-accuracy rate over the 1 in 50,000 on the current sensor generation.

Neither Qualcomm nor Samsung has confirmed if the Galaxy S11 would sport the new sensor.

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