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New Samsung 2021 NeoQLED TV Already A Reference TV Even Before It’s Launched

We have come to expect that Samsung will take it right up to LG Electronics in the TV market, they have been doing it for years, but this year is different with LG set to peddle four display formats including OLED while Samsung is punting on their award winning NeoQLED TV’s.

Samsung first revealed their Neo QLED TV which is a mini-LED-based smart TV similar to what TCL already has and LG is set to reveal at CES 2021.

Now the Samsung NeoQLED TV is set to be rolled out in Australia.

One leading AV publication that got their hands on the new TV in Germany has showered the new Samsung TV with praise

The TV is expected to go on sale worldwide and in Australia from March 2021.

The magazine rated that smart TV as the ‘Best TV of All Time.’

The TV reviewed was the 75-inch 8K variant of Neo QLED TV it scored 966 points which was 10 points higher than the score clinched by the best Samsung 2020 QLED TV.

What impressed the reviewers was the impressive contrast ratio, deep blacks, high brightness, and precise local dimming as a result of the use of Mini-LED technology.

There was also praise for outstanding design, innovation, and is now being labelled as the ‘Reference’ TV for the industry.

A Neo QLED panel is based on mini-LED backlighting technology that features smaller LEDs that can focus light on a smaller area.

The panel is equipped with up to 40 times smaller LEDs than conventional LEDs with full-array back-lighting.

Adding more LEDs in a smaller area makes it possible for the display panel to offer precise backlighting control, improved HDR, higher contrast, and better brightness.

Delivering this performance is a Neo Quantum image processor which delivers a new level of AI upscaling with 16 neural networks to upscale image quality to the native resolution of the panel.

We will get to see the Samsung 2021 TV and Soundbar range on March 3rd.


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