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Notebook Sales Start To Tank

The top five notebook brands saw a combined 10 per cent decline of global shipments in January.

Low seasonable sales and component shortages drove the lower monthly sale figure, with big name brands such as Lenovo and Dell dipping in sales.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) was the top brand for shipments in January due to increased demand for Chromebooks, while Chinese-owned Lenovo saw a sharp decline due to a decrease in sales for entry-level to -mid-range products.

According to the figures compile by Digitimes Research, Dell’s shipments fell by nearly 20 per cent due to unsatisfactory sales of Windows-based models.

The top-3 notebook ODMs together witnessed an 18 per cent on-month decline in January shipments.

Wistron’s shipments dipped only less than 10 per cent on month thanks to Dell increasing the proportion of its outsourcing to the ODM.

The slip in notebook sales comes after the industry experienced a bumper tail-end of 2020, with shipments surging over 10 per cent to hit 60 million units in Q4.

This was driven by robust demand for remote work and study amid the worsening pandemic in key global markets.

It seems the demand for remote workspaces such as Chromebook and notebooks has declined slightly after the Q4 boom.

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