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New OnePlus 5T Smartphone Debuts In New York

Today in New York, One Plus the Chinese manufacturing company with a very lengthy announcement debuted their new OnePlus 5T smartphone. The new smartphone has nearly identical specs to its predecessor the One Plus 5, but does include new display functions and a new camera.

The phone is powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. It has a Dual rear camera, and a 3300mAh battery. The announcement took over an hour and the phone wasn’t even mentioned until half-way through the meeting.

New software features that have been added and updated include a new face unlock that can unlock the phone in just 0.4 seconds using over 100 facial identifiers. Users in order to unlock the phone need to achieve a 99% success rate, which requires a user’s nose and eyes.

The smartphone also has included a new feature called sunlight display that adjusts the brightness when higher levels of ambient light are detected. The smartphone can also adjust contrast for better readability.

The new smartphone is only available in a Midnight Black colour, there will be a limited-edition Star Wars edition, but this was not mentioned during this general announcement.

The 6GB/64GB version costs $659AUD and goes to $736AUD for the 8GB/128GB model. The OnePlus 5T will support all other major LTE brands so if purchased from somewhere else will work in Australia. There is no word on availability in Australia but a representative from OnePlus explained the appeal of selling directly to Australians. It hits select retailers Tuesday November 21st.


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