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New Nokia 8 Smartphone Set To Take On iPhone 8 & Galaxy Note 8

HMD Global the new marketers of the Nokia brand are set to roll out a new Nokia 8 premium Android smartphone days out from the release of the new Samsung Note 8, the device goes on sale todayat JB Hi Fi, as a pre order for $899.

To get market share they are also going to have to compete up against Apple who are set to release their new iPhone 8 complete with a brand-new camera system.

With Apple and Samsung holding over 70% of the premium smartphone market Nokia are banking on their past glory and a Quad HD resolution display as well as a new dual camera rig built around lens technology from optic giant Carl Zeiss, who agreed a partnership with Nokia in July.

The task ahead is going to be very difficult for HMD as the market is set to be awash with big brand marketing for the iPhone 8 and the new Galaxy Note 8 claim analysts.

Set to be launched at a breakfast at Bondi’s Icebergs restaurant the device is going to have to be “seriously good” to be a worthwhile contender in the premium market.

It’s going to have to compete up against the likes of the new HTC U11 which has already attracted excellent reviews around the world.

Nokia was one of the world’s leading phone makers in the early 2000s thanks to popular handsets such as the 3310, but struggled to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung once the era of touchscreen smartphones began in 2007.

The big question now is whether Nokia’s historical camera excellence can be translated into new class leading camera phones under HMD.

With Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone and Google’s Pixel 2 also due for release in the next few months the competition has never been stronger.

However, the Nokia 8 will be the first device released by Nokia and HMD Global designed to be a rival to the iPhone, t5he only problem is that the market has moved on from the days when Nokia devices were the #1 phone choice in Australia.

It willl go on sale in early September in Australia, ahead of Apple’s new iPhone it’s got what the Nokia guys are calling a “bothie” rather than a selfie capability.

The new phone also has a 5.3-inch display that houses the sensors made by Zeiss.

The Dual camera mode allows users to take pictures and videos using the front and back camera at the same time, thus the “bothie” claim.

Also built in is Ozo Audio which is three microphones designed capture 360 degree sound. Ozo is the name of Nokia’s expensive virtual reality camera used by Hollywood film studios. HMD has used the audio technology in their phone.

The Nokia 8 incorporates Android O. HMD said that the phone will have pure Android, meaning that the company has not been modified similar to what Google does with their Pixel.

“We think with the Nokia brand and the combination of industry leading performance as well as immersive and innovative consumer experience, we will be immediately able to make a mark in the high end segment,” Florian Seiche, acting chief executive of HMD Global, said in an interview ahead of the launch.

HMD was created last year by ex-Nokia execs who acquired the intellectual property required to make phones from Nokia. This included branding and technology. It has partnered with Foxconn to manufacture the devices.

“HMD Global needs a successful Nokia-brand flagship smartphone to re-establish the Nokia brand in the smartphone market, because the Nokia brand was always viewed as innovative and high quality. It’s almost impossible to meet the expectations of the Nokia name offering only a selection of feature phones and low to mid-range smartphone models,” Ian Fogg, head of mobile at IHS, told CNBC in the US yesterday.

• Dual-Sight camera and video mode: Simultaneously harnesses both the front and rear cameras in a split screen visual for both photos and videos, which can be livestreamed natively and in real-time to social feeds such as Facebook and YouTube.
• Nokia OZO Audio: OZO spatial 360° audio brings a fully immersive audio experience to your 4K video. Leading-edge 360° audio capture ensures the playback lets you truly relive the moment so your memories never fade.
• Craftsmanship and design: With a body that is 4.6mm thin at the edge and just 7.3mm slim on average, the Nokia 8’s seamless unibody is precision milled from a single block of 6000 series aluminium and its pure design has been refined through a 40-stage process of machining, anodising and polishing.
• Innovation and software: Powered by the Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 835 Mobile Platform, Nokia 8 doesn’t compromise on performance. To keep the device working harder for longer, a full-length graphite shielded copper cooling pipe that dissipates the heat generated by the high performing system across the full length and breadth of the handset
• Always pure Android: Nokia smartphones always offer a pure Android experience, with no unnecessary apps slowing down the performance of your device.