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New Netgear Orbi Router Set To Have 5G Option

Netgear who have been remarkably quiet on the new product front of late, is set to jump into the 5G router market with a new Orbi that is specifically designed for over the air 5G communication.

Basically, it’s similar to the Companies Orbi Tri-band WiFi 6 mesh system, with a slot now built in for a 5G sim card.

When it will be released in Australia or the price of the new router is not known but being a Netgear product, expect to pay a premium price for this new piece of kit.

D link is expected to launch a similar product next year at a lower price.

Accessing 5G data networks via a Tri-Band mesh network should give users access to fast Internet speeds with ultra-low latency and virtually no downtime.

However, many regions in Australia are struggling to get good 5G speeds. I was in Nelson Bay where there is supposed to be a 5G service, while I got an indication on my mobile of a 5G signal the speed was less than 40mbs.

The new Orbi NBK752 mesh system can work as an always-on broadband service, using 5G as the primary Internet connection or it can work as a “failover” backup service for a traditional wired Internet service.

The Netgear offering will also be a good solution for temporary working sites such as a construction manager’s office or somewhere where wired Internet services aren’t required all year-round or on a long-term basis.

The mesh system can blanket a home of up 480 square metres with a WiFi 6 wireless system. Whether it’s sited in a brick townhouse or a sprawling rural retreat, the system can cover a large area straight out of the box. For extra-large properties, additional Orbi satellites can be added to fill wireless dead spots.

The Netgear Orbi 5G WiFi 6 Mesh System (NBK752) is available as a two-pack consisting of the router and one satellite.

US pricing is over $1,500 so expect to pay close to $2K for this device.


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