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New NAD Electronics Products Bound For Oz

A number of new products from audio-video component manufacturer NAD Electronics are set to land in the Australian market.

Among the products, NAD’s CI 720 network stereo zone amplifier is equipped with the BluOS operating system, developed by Bluesound, for high-resolution, multi-room wireless audio, providing the capability to stream from local collections or cloud services including Tidal, Spotify and Deezer.

nad1“NAD’s Hybrid Digital power makes the CI 720 single stereo zone solution something very special in the world of distributed audio,” NAD states.

“The ‘blade’ form factor means it saves space by residing locally in the zone – behind a flat-screen TV, for example – where the analogue and digital inputs can accommodate the local source in addition to the network stream.

“A thermostatically controlled forced-air cooling system assures long-term reliability, even in enclosed rack installations.”

NAD states that the CI 720 delivers a conservatively rated 60 W continuous power, with up to 165 W dynamic power available, meaning “any speaker can be driven to life-like sound levels with remarkable sound quality”.

A subwoofer output is included, while the CI 720’s analogue and digital inputs can support cable boxes and other non-network sources, making them available and selectable in every zone, with it also including a USB input, Ethernet in/out and standard network protocols.

C 338, C 368 and C 388 hybrid digital DAC amplifiers

NAD has also introduced three new hybrid digital DAC amplifiers in the form of its C 338, C 368 and C 388 models.

nad2Inputs for the C 388 and C 368 include MM phono, stereo line, optical digital and coax digital, with the C 388 delivering two x 150 W (350 W dynamic at 4 ohms), while the C 368 provides two x 80 W (240 W dynamic at 4 ohms), “both conservatively rated and with virtually no audible noise or distortion”.

Modular design construction (MDC), found on both the C 388 and C 368, allows for customisation now and in the future, with two available MDC slots accommodating a variety of upgrade modules, including 4K video-capable HDMI switching, additional digital inputs and BluOS.

“Adding the optional BluOS module provides instant access to your local area network via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection and adds hi-res audio streaming,” NAD states. “The BluOS module also makes the C 388 a single-zone streamer in a multi-room wireless music system fully compatible with BluOS-enabled music systems and wireless speakers.”

The C 338 is equipped with a two x 50 W continuous amplifier employing NAD’s hybrid digital amplifier tech, producing 150 W of dynamic power at 4 ohms, “all with virtually no noise or distortion”.

The C 338’s active power supply is controlled by NAD’s latest Asymmetrical PowerDrive, capable of 160 W continuously and over 300 W instantaneously, allowing for short-term musical transients.

“It can operate flawlessly with any AC mains voltage from 100 to 240 volts and provides pure DC power to all the various stages of the C 338,” NAD states. “This highly efficient supply also provides near-perfect regulation of voltage across a wide range of conditions and provides a solid noise-free foundation for the amplifying stages.

“The preamp stage is no less impressive, featuring a solid-state volume control, with a hi-res dynamic range of 120 dB in precise 0.5 dB steps, as used in ultra-high-end preamps.”

The onboard DAC uses eight DAC channels configured as a dual differential array, with 120 dB dynamic range.

“Vinyl lovers rejoice at the return of the famous NAD MM phono stage: wide dynamic range, with high-overload margin and low-noise, super-accurate RIAA equalisation, and a capacitor-less infrasonic filter extracts every ounce of energy from your LPs,” NAD states.

“So, while it is indeed a powerful state-of-the-art amplifier, the C 338 also embodies important technologies such as Wi-Fi and network. It also provides access to internet radio stations and can serve as an UPnP client for network streaming from a local NAS library.”

The C 388, C 368 and C 338 are decked out with Bluetooth, allowing for wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

C 568 CD player

The C 568 CD player has been designed as a direct upgrade for the NAD C 565BEE, sporting “a sleek new profile to the classic NAD face”, with it playing both CD and CD-RW and decoding MP3 and WMA files copied to CD-R for up to 10 hours of continuous play.

nad3“In addition to the new and more refined cosmetics, the circuit layout and component choices for the C 568 have been extensively updated,” NAD states.

“Many of the techniques NAD has perfected for high-res audio playback have been applied to the venerable CD format, including the high-precision clock for lowest-possible digital jitter performance, the latest generation Wolfson DAC and the same Super OPAmps derived from NAD’s Masters Series.

“The cumulative effect of these changes is dramatic, improving low-frequency slam and extension, while maintaining the pace and timing for which the C 565BEE was so lavishly praised. Image depth and scale are further enhanced while retaining the timbral accuracy and lucid harmonic structure of its predecessor.”

The NAD player offers a repeat function for one song, one disc, or AB repeat, program play with direct access from the remote control (the supplied NAD CD-9 remote control), along with forward and reverse skip and search functions, with a VFD display providing complete information about tracks and time.


NAD has also advised that it is expanding the availability of BluOS across its product range, with its broader adoption into its range of amplifiers, players, receivers and custom installation products marking “a shift in the company’s strategy towards attracting increasingly technology-hungry consumers who demand hi-fi quality sound”.

“BluOS offers numerous benefits, including interoperability among enabled devices and connectivity to numerous cloud and network music sources,” NAD states. “It fully supports high-resolution audio, MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), as well as all popular lossless and lossy codecs.

“For custom integrators and smart home customers, it also features seamless integrations with common control systems like Control4, Crestron, Push Controls and RTI, among others. BluOS-enabled devices can be controlled with a free app for Apple and Android devices and for PC desktops.”

Available from October, the RRP for the CI 720 is $1,399, the optional RM720 $599, the C 338 $999, the C 368 $1,499, the C 388 $2,299 and the C 568 $1,099.

Convoy International assumes responsibility for distribution of NAD (along with PSB Speakers) from October 1.

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