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New iPhones Axe Free Headphone Dongle

Apple will reportedly not provide a complimentary 3.5mm headphone dongle with 2018 iPhones, as the Californian giant furthers its push for wireless or lightning compatible accessories.

It comes after Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from 2016 iPhones, in favour of its proprietary lightning port.

For Apple, it appears two years is sufficient time for users to transition, reflected in its decision to cease providing a complimentary dongle.

Whilst Apple did not formally announce the change at its hardware event overnight, the company’s website does not list a dongle as an included iPhone accessory.

Apple’s US website no longer lists the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, marking the end of iPhones with traditional headphone jacks.

For consumers who remain devoted to traditional 3.5mm wired headphones, the dongle can be purchased separately from Apple’s website.

It comes after the European Commission re-ignited its push for a universal charging standard earlier this year, which commentators claim could threaten the future of Apple’s proprietary lightning port.

For nearly a decade the commission has lobbied for a common mobile charging standard, asserting ~51,000 tons of electronic waste gathers annually from old chargers.


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