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EU Revisits Plans To Ditch Apple Lightning Cable

Invoking deja vu, the European Union has re-ignited its plans to ditch Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable, pushing for a Android-favoured universal charging standard.

As per ReutersEU Competition Chief, Margrethe Vestager, asserts a lack of progress by phone makers has limited the achievement of a universal charging standard, with regulators now conducting further analysis.

The EU will reportedly commence a study to decide whether there’s a need for new action, whilst analysing the effect of other options.

For nearly a decade the European Commission has lobbied for a common mobile charging standard, asserting over 51,000 tons of electronic waste gathers yearly from old chargers.

As previously reported, in 2009 fourteen phone manufacturers – including Apple, Samsung and Huawei – signed a MoU to create universal chargers for new phone models by 2011.

European regulators claim current progress has been “unsatisfactory”, with the Commission set to launch an ‘impact assessment’ study “to evaluate costs and benefits” of other options.

Whilst USB-C has continued to roll-out on new smartphones, the EU asserts adoption has been slow, with Apple the only major vendor to stand by its proprietary Lightning cable.

Californian-based Apple has embraced USB-C [Thunderbolt 3] on its MacBooks, however, thus far has refused to swap the Lightning port on mobile phones.

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