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Apple To Deliver Better Trade-In Deals For Old Phones

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will be boosting the old iPhone trade-in value for those who wish to use the credit to buy new iPhone 15 models at Apple stores from May 20.

Apple has sent out an email to Australian customers that reads, “You deserve more in credit. Get extra trade-in credit towards a new iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro when you trade in an eligible device. Offer ends 3 June.”

Customers in Australia looking to trade in can get A$110 to A$1,210 in credit towards their new iPhone 15 model between now and June 3.

Gurman said the trade-in value increase will be available until June 3, but didn’t reveal how much extra credit would be provided for those in the US and Canada.

The credit boost will only be valid for purchasing any iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro model and does not apply to those who wish to purchase an iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or iPhone SE with the credit.

Currently, Apple offers a credit of up to U$370 (approx. A$552) for an iPhone 14, while an iPhone 14 Pro gets a credit of up to U$630 (approx. A$940).

In Australia, Apple Trade-In gives credit for current devices that can be applied to new ones. It can be done online or at an Apple Store, and if the device isn’t eligible for credit, Apple will recycle it for free.

Apple will also likely reduce existing inventory of the iPhone 15 range before the launch of the iPhone 16 range.

While the company has managed to keep its position in the smartphone sales market, overall markets worldwide have decreased recently, especially in China.

Below is the estimated trade-in value for devices in the US and Canada:

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: Up to U$630 (approx. A$940)
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Up to U$520 (approx. A$775)
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus: Up to U$420 (approx. A$626)
  • Apple iPhone 14: Up to U$370 (approx. A$552)
  • Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen): Up to U$160 (approx. A$238)
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Up to U$450 (approx. A$671)
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Up to U$370 (approx. A$551)
  • Apple iPhone 13: Up to U$300 (approx. A$447)
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini: Up to U$270 (approx. A$402)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: Up to U$350 (approx. A$522)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro: Up to U$270 (approx. A$402)
  • Apple iPhone 12: Up to U$200 (approx. A$298)
  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini: Up to U$170 (approx. A$253)
  • Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen): Up to U$80 (approx. A$119)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: Up to $270 (approx. A$402)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Up to U$220 (approx. A$328)
  • Apple iPhone XS Max: Up to U$150 (approx. A$223)
  • Apple iPhone XS: Up to U$110 (approx. A$164)
  • Apple iPhone XR: Up to U$110 (approx. A$164)
  • Apple iPhone X: Up to U$100 (approx. A$149)
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus: Up to U$80 (approx. A$119)
  • Apple iPhone 8: Up to U$50 (approx. A$74)
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Up to U$50 (approx. A$74)

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