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Apple’s Upcoming HomePod Could Be The First With Ports

According to an Apple patent, found by AppleInsider, the upcoming HomePod 2 could see a refreshed, thinner, horizontal design, that is also much longer compared with previous models.

The patent outlines the design of a horizontal HomePod, complete with speakers and a central display that looks similar to a JBL Charge 5 speaker.

The patent has been called ‘Audio Speaker System,’ revealing little about the device apart from the above design and six drawings with basic text that explains the images are showing it from different angles.

The rearview drawing of the device does appear to show a range of ports, which would be a first for Apple.

Apple’s decision to change things up comes as no surprise, considering several leaks have surfaced suggesting the company would release a display-enhanced HomePod.

It was claimed this new device would be bigger than the previous model and would replace the swirling orb on top with a large screen.

This new device, however, fits more with leaks about a HomePod / Apple TV combination device.

For the current models, the biggest issue is there is no way to play sound through it except via Apple AirPlay or Siri.

If the next model comes with standard connection ports, individuals will get a lot more choice and flexibility.

This could also suggest the device will be an Apple TV in function, meaning instead of audio ports, it would have HDMI and Ethernet ports.

According to TWICE, “An Apple HomePod with the current version of Siri at its core can’t compete with the best smart speakers in the business in 2024.”

Apple researchers have claimed Siri could soon understand requests better as it will consider what it’s being asked, and what’s currently on the screen.

In related news about HomePods, Apple has also recently has recently rolled out a new software update to the HomePod and HomePod Mini.

Update version 17.5 states there have been performance upgrades and the stability of the devices has been improved.

No further details were revealed about the changes made.

It’s been suggested that bass levels have increased for second-generation HomePods, that the Sound Check feature has been fixed and that Siri is now more responsive.

The update was pushed automatically, and it can be activated via the Home app.

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