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IFA 2017: Microsoft To Update Windows 10 On Oct 17th, AR & VR Focus

Microsoft will update its Windows 10 operating system on the 17th of October, and sources state the newest update will allow users to access both augmented and virtual reality.

The fourth update to the software will extend to more than 500 million devices.

The move follows a growing trend, which sees the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook all charging ahead with their own augmented reality software for smartphones. Experts are heralding the features ‘the next big thing’ in technology.

Word is, Microsoft will target gaming first, before moving onto business applications.

The company also revealed plans to from other computer and VR-headset makers, which will see it involved in introducing new hardware to the likes of consumers, gamers and businesses, allowing them to take advantage of ‘mixed reality’ capabilities via the new software update.

Said during IFA 2017, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President over Windows, Terry Myerson:

“We’re enabling you to immerse yourself in a new reality – mixed reality”.

‘Mixed reality’ is Microsoft’s term to describe software which encompasses both augmented and virtual reality.

Virtual reality focuses on creating software-generated worlds, whereas augmented reality overlays sounds, graphics, texts and video on real-world images which the user sees in front of them.

Microsoft’s announcement also revealed a range of devices from other hardware partners – Lenovo, HP Inc, Dell , Acer, Asus and Fujitsu – which would allow consumers to take advantage of the mixed reality features via the Windows 10 update.

Notable innovations as part of the new software release includes; reducing set-up of VR headsets to around 10 minutes (down from 2 – 3 hours) and reducing the cost of headsets. The changes are intended to make the technology more accessible and available to the mainstream.

Other new features include a refreshed photos app, a capacity to save files to the cloud (Microsoft OneDrive) without using local storage space, and “Game Mode” which enables gamers to devote their full computer processing power to the game they are playing – i.e. as though their computer was a Microsoft Xbox.

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