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New Goole Pixel 2 Users Told To Turn Off Android Pay

Google who was recently bragging about the superiority of their Android Pay is now urging owners of their new Pixel 2 smartphone to turn off their NFC technology as they suspect it is interfering with their new device.

The decision to isolate the Near Far Communication (NFC)capability was made after customers complained that the device was emitting a series of irritating high pitched sounds and strange clicks.

Google users started taking to the company’s support forums earlier this week to report the problem. One described a ‘high pitch frequency sound and clicking when the screen is on and unlocked with ear up to the device like you are on a phone call’.

Others agreed that they too had encountered the issue with their handsets, which were released this month.

The use of an (NFC) chipset, is used to make contactless payments and for other data transfer purposes.

Until the software update is issued, Google suggests switching this feature off, if the noises are proving a distraction.

To turn off NFC, visit Settings then click on Connected devices.

Now, Google says it is prepping a software update to fix the issue.

Writing on the Pixel User Community forum, a community manager wrote: ‘We are validating a software update to address faint clicking sounds on some Pixel 2 devices.
‘The update will be made available in the coming weeks.

Google unveiled the second generation of its Pixel smartphones, promising all-day battery life, a more responsive assistant, and the best camera yet. The device is selling for $1,399.