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New EV Battery Tech Set To Ride EV Boom

electric vehicle being charged

Victorian start-up Li-S Energy has developed a lithium battery technology which has been hailed as a major breakthrough for battery-powered devices.

Li-S Energy, a subsidiary of PPK Group, says it has unlocked the code for creating lithium sulfur batteries that are more powerful, lighter and safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Experts say the lithium sulfur batteries have the potential to deliver enough charge for an electric vehicle to travel up to 1000km, or for a mobile phone to operate for an entire week.

The breakthrough positions Geelong, once the home of Ford Australia, as a new powerhouse in development of the next generation of batteries.

The technology has the potential to make large-scale manufacturing of lithium sulfur batteries commercially viable for the first time, just as the EV industry is booming as governments around the world put new restrictions on fuel-powered cars.

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