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New Edge Browser, Refreshed Start Menu In Windows 10 October Build

Microsoft is rolling out its October 2020 update to Windows 10, which includes a new version of Edge and a revamped Start menu.

In a blog post, Aaron Woodman, GM for the Windows consumer business at Microsoft, detailed the new features including an improved version of the Edge browser.

“We’ve built a better browser with more performance, more privacy and more value back while you browse.

“If you’re already using our new browser, then you’ve seen first-hand how fast it is and we’re adding great new features every six weeks,” he said.

New features in the latest Edge include Collections, for saving and sharing online content; a built-in online price comparison service; the ability to alt-tab between tabs in Edge; and the ability to see all open tabs for a particular website when hovering over its icon.

A refreshed Start menu is also included in the new build and features a more streamlined design and the ability to apply accent colours to frame and tiles, says Woodman.

“A uniform, partially transparent background to the tiles creates a beautiful stage for the redesigned app icons like Calculator, Mail and Calendar,” he said.

Other features include an improved Settings menu, the ability to change screen refresh rate, redesigned notifications, and a cleaner taskbar.

The October 2020 update is being released for free to Windows 10 users now.

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