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New ChatGPT Feature Allows Members To Analyse Files

ChatGPT is testing out a new members-only feature allowing uploaded files to be analysed in a variety of ways.

According to sources, once a file is added to ChatGPT, it digests the file, then the chatbot can offer to answer queries, sum up data, or produce data visualizations after prompts are given.

The new features will add Microsoft Office-like capabilities features offered on a ChatGPT Enterprise plan.

A user posted on Threads screenshots of a conversation with ChatGPT where they gave it a picture of a capybara and asked it to generate a Pixar-style image with DALL-E 3.

The ChatGPT exchange was successful, which can be seen from the results below.

Prompt Image

Pixel Image Results

With the speed at which ChatGPT is going in terms of innovation, we’re curious to see what the next upgrade will be.

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