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New Apple Watch Update Re-Defines Fitness Integration

As previously mentioned, one of the reasons behind Apple’s comparative success of its Apple Watch, is strong fitness integration.

Word is, Apple has stretched this integration even further, as the latest watch update [watchOS 4] will increase its support to almost every imaginable type of fitness, sport or workout.

The information was found after some clever sleuthing through the latest iOS 11 beta’s code.

Not only will common fitness activities be supported – football, core-training, pilates, boxing – but also a suite of others not commonly expected, for example, bowling and sailing.

Some of the workouts may be available right now to WatchOS 4 beta users, however, others aren’t – and speculation is Apple may reserve some of these for its new Apple Watch launching soon.

Sources state the free update WatchOS 4 won’t offer quite as huge an upgrade as WatchOS 3.

Truth is, last year’s changes addressed key interface issues.

The forthcoming upgrade seems to be Apple’s way of carving out a more unique and specialised watch experience.

Again, with a larger emphasis on fitness, which as revealed here, is a strong reason why most consumers buy a smart watch.


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