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New 42″ LG OLED TV Using Old Display Panel

LG’s first 42-inch OLED TV is tipped to be released in Australia next month, with the South Korean’s PR minders spruiking a briefing on May 4th.

The only problem is that their new 42″ OLED TV. is set to release with an old OLED panel as opposed to the Companies all new WBE OLED panel which was spruiked earlier this year.

When HDTVtest approached LG about the use of an old technology in the new 42″ TV the Company admitted they were using an old panel claiming “WBE panels will be applied sequentially after Q2.”

The WBE panel, often now referred to as OLED.EX is manufacturer by LG Display they claim that the newer panel delivers a 30 per cent increase in brightness over conventional displays, as well as improved energy efficiency and fewer dead pixels.

At this stage it’s not known whether LG Electronics Australia will hold back the model for the new panel or push the old panel model into the market a move that could upset a lot of customers as the TV is tipped to be expensive for a 42″ TV.


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