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Netgear Unveil The Nighthawk

Branded as the world’s fastest router and designed specifically for media streaming and instant backups, Netgear’s Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart Wi-Fi Router is poised to set new standards for the industry.

It combines a powerful 1.7GHz Quad Core processor with Quad-Stream Wave 2 WiFi architecture plus next generation high speed 802.11ad WiFi, promising blazing-fast wireless speeds up to a furious 7.2Gbps. 

What’s more, it utilises MU-MIMO allowing for simultaneous data streams and packs four external antennas to amplify coverage.

Acording to Michael Thelander, President of Signals Research Group, “The superior capabilities of 802.11ad will greatly enhance the user experience when dealing with applications that require the transferring of large amounts of data. 802.11ad also provides approximately one-tenth the latency as compared to 802.11ac, which is absolutely critical for applications like virtual reality or augmented reality.”

Not content with just being the fastest router on the market, the Nighthawk is packing a 10Gigabit port and support for Plex’s media server software and ultra-smooth 4K streaming. To help you get the most out of the tech, Netgear are even throwing in a free three-month Plex pass with every purchase.



“Today’s video files are getting larger with 4k and VR video. Offloading from capture devices and moving these large files within a network often becomes a time-consuming and challenging task. The Nighthawk X10 is powerful enough to move these files at unprecedented speed and provides easy access once the file is stored on the network,” said David Henry, senior vice president for home networking at NETGEAR.

“Nighthawk X10 sets a new bar for performance and a new record for speed when moving large video files within your network and to the cloud,” he said. 

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