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Netgear Launch 15.6″ ‘Meural’ Smart Photo Frame

Netgear-owned smart display maker, Meural, has launched a 15.6-inch variant of its larger mainstay product, harnessing the same ‘TrueArt’ technology in a more compact size.

‘TrueArt’ tech allows Meural’s smart display screen to present works of art in as-close-to-possible print quality, with free and purchasable artwork available via its digital store.

The new Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame supports its smartphone app, offering image curation and the ability to send images to the display.

Automatic album syncing is available, offering unison between smartphone galleries and the smart photo frame.

New features include scheduling albums and playlists to shift at specific times of day, alongside shared family albums.

The updated features are also available on the larger Meural II 21-inch and 27-inch smart displays.

The Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame now offers support for iOS Live Photos, and images up to 15 seconds.

The 15.6-inch Wi-Fi Photo Frame will retail for US$299.95, with local pricing and availability to be confirmed.

The product harnesses ambient light sensors and gesture controls, with a built-in standable removable for wall-mounting.

Either horizontal or vertical positioning is available, with the intelligent frame customising image orientation accordingly.


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