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Netflix To Expand Into Live Content

According to a Deadline report, streaming giant Netflix are looking to introduce live content onto their platform.

Live coverage would make showings of stand-up comedy specials and unscripted shows such as The Circle more significant, as Netflix are able to compete with live television for the first time. This would also allow Netflix to incorporate live audience voting, improving consumer inclusion and interactivity with what they watch.

While it would also allow for the streaming platform to show series reunions, the obvious thing for Netflix to do is to dip their toes into the area of live sport, a market that is somewhat dominated by services such as Kayo and Foxtel Now.

Credit: Kayo

The report follows news that Netflix suffered their first subscriber losses in a decade, losing 200,000 as of April 19. The company has also said it expects to lose an additional 2 million over the course of the second quarter, reducing their market capital by almost $100 billion AUD ($70 billion USD). Stock price has further plummeted as Netflix is sued by investors over claims that its subscriber growth estimate was misleading.

The company has also announced it plans to introduce ads on a cheaper subscription package. Netflix’s co-chief executive has stated that the company would “figure it out over the next year or two”.

In combatting falling revenue and market share, the company have also culled their staff over a number of services.

Netflix has confirmed that it is in the early stages of development for live content.

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