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Netflix Calculator Exposes How Many Hours You’ve Spent Binging TV

A new calculator has arrived on the internet which can show users exactly how much time they have spent watching TV shows and movies on Netflix.

CompariTech’s Time Spent Streaming tool examines data from a Netflix account to reveal the number of hours a person has spent streaming content.

It shares other fun statistics such as a person’s most-watch series, average time spent streaming per day or a favourite genre.

The tool also comparatively quantifies your data with how you could have spent that time instead.

For example, if you spent 183 days watching Netflix it will reveal you could have read hundreds of books, ran thousands of marathons or completed a university degree in that time.

On average, Netflix users watched 3.2 hours of streaming content per day in 2020. This is a collective amount of 6 billion hours per month.

Last year, users also spent an extra 21 hours watching TV per month as the pandemic forced people indoors.

CompariTech found Netflix was the number one streaming platform in 2020, with 37 million new subscribers joining the site, including 80 per cent from outside the US.

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