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NBN, The Beers Are On You, Bevan

SYDNEY: Several days ago, tech entrepreneur and Superloop founder Bevan Slattery, pictured page 1, wrote an open letter to Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, NBN CEO Stephen Rue and NBN chairman Ziggy Switkowski.

In it, he implored them to find a way to triple the network capacity of the NBN during the coronavirus crisis.

Slattery said he was asking for the extra capacity as a favour on behalf of a nation in turmoil and offered to shout the trio a “bloody cold beer” if they complied.

“Can NBN Australia please temporarily double or even triple the amount of CVC capacity that is provided under the existing NBN residential bundles, to allow for a nation that is going to be doing everything online at the same time in the very near future,” Slattery wrote.

Well Bevan, it looks like it’s your shout, as the NBN has certainly upped CVC capacity, although it’s not clear by how much. If Slattery doesn’t cough up, CDN will want to be asking him why? 

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