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NBN Fixed-Wireless Gets Speed-Up

NBN Co has announced plans to offer a 100/40Mbps service on its fixed wireless network, doubling the maximum bandwidth currently available. The new offering will be available from about April 2018, NBN Co says.

The service originally launched at 12/1Mbps. A 25/5Mbps option was later introduced, along with one that NBN Co describes as 25-50/5-20Mbps – the difference being that, unlike the lower bandwidth options, maximum bandwidth is not available everywhere in the coverage area because of limitations in radio signal propagation.

The NBN fixed-wireless service uses LTE technology and frequencies, while the 100/40 service is being made possible by aggregating four 20HMz LTE carriers, using technology developed by network provider Ericsson, user terminal supplier Netcomm and chipmaker Qualcomm. To use the service users will need a new antenna and a new terminal unit in the home.

NBN Co says it will commence consultations with retail service providers this month to develop pricing policies and installation procedures. NBN fixed-wireless services are presently available to almost half a million premises, of which 180,000 have taken up the service. – Stuart Corner

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