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NBN Co wants to set own prices for new home developments

SYDNEY: Increasingly undercut by rival operators, NBN Co is trying to set its own prices to deploy telecommunications infrastructure to new housing developments.


The Federal Government is currently reviewing its Telecommunications in New Developments, or TIND, policy for the first time in five years.


Under the policy, property developers can choose a company to provide telecommunications infrastructure to their development, or simply go with the provider of last resort, which is NBN Co for developments of 100 lots or more, and Telstra for less than that.

NBN Co is facing increased competition in the space with the result of upfront charges and commercial inflexibility the subject to the current TIND, according to ITnews.


But NBN Co’s use of copper, instead of fibre, to serve some new developments has been unpopular, and is likely to also be a factor in its greenfields deals.


“Developers are increasingly making decisions based solely on price,  the company told the TIND review. 


“Alternate providers do not have the same price and commercial restrictions, meaning they have a commercial advantage over NBN Co.”


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