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House Committee Requests NBN Rollout Revisions

The parliamentary committee on the National Broadband Network has issued a number of revisions for the NBN Co, including a recommendation to complete as much of the remaining rollout as possible using fibre.

The committee suggests the NBN Co use fibre-to-the-curb or fibre-to-the-premises, for areas which have not yet been connected.

Reports state the committee offered 23 recommendations for the NBN Co. The panel has asked the NBN Co to develop a plan which incorporates their recommendations, inclusive of an accompanying timetable.

It has also suggested that the Australian government conduct an independent audit of the NBN Co’s financial projections, inclusive of an assessment of its business case detailed in its 2018 – 2021 plan.

Another recommendation is the setup of a regional and remote reference group, tasked with supporting NBN rollout in remote Australian areas.

The recommendations were not unanimous. Committee Chairperson, Sussan Ley, expressed her disagreement with the rest of the committee stating:

“While signing the committee’s majority report in my capacity as chair, I and other government members on the committee do not agree with all of the conclusions and recommendations contained in the majority report”.

The joint standing committee on the National Broadband Network is made up of; six Coalition parliamentarians, seven Labor parliamentarians (one from the Greens, One Nation, Nick Xenophon’s party, and one Independent).

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