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NBN Braces For Surging Demand In The Face Of COVID-19

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The NBN is anticipating record demand on networks as more company employees move to work from home.

Technology companies are already experiencing demand from enterprise businesses for VPN and gateway routers due to COVID-19.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher is set to hold a virtual summit later today with representatives from NBN Co, Nokia, Optus, Telstra, AMTA, TPG and other major telecoms companies to discuss best practices and how industry players are planning to move forward in the face of COVID-19.

Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, said, “While increased numbers of people working from home can be expected to change the usage of data and traffic profile across residential services, we have world-class telecommunications networks that are resilient and capable of accommodating new and changing requirements.”

On top of more people accessing external servers, there is expected to be a rise in demand for streaming services. For instance, many of Australia’s universities are moving quickly to make their classes and lectures available online in case universities are forced to shut down their buildings.

Furthermore, as mass gatherings continue to be cancelled, more event holders may branch out into televised versions. For example, many conferences are planning on hosting their events online and the NRL is laying out plans to play games to empty stadiums and have the games available on television or online.

With 249 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of yesterday and the government implementing a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period for anyone entering Australia from overseas, demand on the NBN and other telecommunications providers is only set to increase.

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