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Coles And Woolworths Flooded With Online Orders As Aussies Self-Isolate


In the wake of COVID-19 becoming a pandemic, more Australians are choosing to stay at home as much as possible, and online orders for essentials are skyrocketing.

A Coles spokesperson told ChannelNews, “We are currently experiencing significant demand for Coles Online and we have put additional resources in place, including extra trucks on the road and opening extra delivery slots, to meet customer demand.”

Woolworths has also been struggling to meet the unprecedented demand. “Delivery windows have been filling up faster than usual and we apologise to customers for the inconvenience this has caused,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

Yesterday, Woolworths suspended online delivery orders in Victoria and paused its same-day pick-up and ‘Delivery Now’ service (which promises to deliver in under two hours) nationwide.

Coles has suspended its UberEats offer.

On Friday Coles and Woolworths placed new quantity limits on particularly in demand items, with both implementing a two-packet limit per shop on flour and pasta.

The two retailers are also limiting the purchase of toilet paper, tissues, and hand sanitisers, and have warned that more restrictions may be brought in. Rolling updates for Coles’ list of restricted items can be viewed here and Woolworths’ can be viewed here.

All of these restrictions are in place across online and brick-and-mortar stores.

“We’ve made these changes to help improve access to staple items for all our customers and to encourage shoppers to shop as they normally would,” a Coles spokesperson said.

However, it’s certainly not only the online services that are under the pump – supermarket shelves for long-life goods and toiletries are increasingly empty. “Our online teams, like our supermarkets, have been working hard to manage the higher than usual demand for deliveries over the past couple of weeks,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

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