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NAB Tipped To Announce Android Pay Expansion

As originally reported by The Australian, yet another one of Australia’s major banks is tipped to embrace Android Pay after failing to pressure Apple into surrendering access to the iPhone’s NFC chip.

According to the reports, the bank “is said to be close to quitting the consortium of banks that unsuccessfully pitched to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission to collectively negotiate with Apple, forcing the tech giant to open up the iPhone’s near-field communication antenna to their own digital wallets.”

What’s more, “NAB is edging closer to an agreement involving Google’s Android phones” that will see the bank add support for Android Pay.

Android Pay currently operates in 13 different countries, including the US, Australia, Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong, Poland, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Belgium, Canada and Russia.

At present, NAB offers support for Tap & Pay for Android using their own NAB banking app (available via Google Play). However, that option hasn’t stopped customers from demanding the bank add support for Apple and Android Pay.

With a launch said to be “looming”, it appears they won’t have to wait much longer.

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