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Yamaha’s Aventage Receiver Enthrals With Exceptional Sound

The RX-A3010 receiver heads Yamaha’s Aventage series and out of the box it’s compatible with 9.2 channels. 9.2 is a lot of speakers to begin with, but some people might be itching for 11.2, in which case an external amplifier will boost it up to meet those needs.

“The Aventage series represents the pinnacle of our receiver and Blu-ray player ranges, embodying cutting edge technology and our unyielding pursuit of the ultimate in home entertainment,” said Yamaha’s General Manager, Simon Goldsworthy.

And this innovation can be seen in the slew of new features, such as its Cinema SDP HD technology, which uses four Cinema DSP engines, 3D processing and two front presence channels in the systems set up to produce enthralling sound.

“We have pushed the boundaries even further with the new Aventage link-up and will continue to innovate in the AV receiver market within Australia.”

There’s more to pristine audio than throwing down a myriad of speakers. Intelligent software has to manage the sound by running different tones and frequencies to the right speakers. Yamaha have a nifty feature here, with Multi-point YPAO with Reflected Sound Control (RSC) and speaker angle measurement.

RSC analyses a room’s acoustic qualities and then adjusts the system to accommodate, making sure it delivers the best possible sound in any kind of environment. It also takes various surfaces into consideration, correcting early sound reflections, while taking speaker angle measurements to ensure precise calibration.

The A3010 can be used to power up to four zones redirecting amplifier channels to certain zones or speakers.

Video is well catered to with a Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor which optimises the video signals communicated to televisions. Through its host of resolution enhancement technology, it up scales SD content to look like HD sources.

Through a dedicated Yamaha AV controller app, it’s easy to stream internet radio or music from a home PC or Mac to a zone of your choice. The application is available for download from Android’s market place and Apple’s App store, compatible with iOS and droid devices.

The A3010 comes with a comprehensive four year warranty, and ships with the YDS-12 iPod/iPhone dock, at a RRP of $2,699.