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Forget Fridges, Its A “Food Showcase”

Forget Fridges, Its A "Food Showcase" Samsung has just unveiled a new 636L side-by-side refrigerator, called Samsung Food Showcase. 

Showcase has a new door, as well as a shelving system designed for better visibility of shelves via an additional transparent ‘Showcase’ door that sits between the external door and internal shelves, a new feature for Samsung refrigerators. The door is handy to access frequently used items like milk and juice. 
The fridge has a 409L capacity and 227L in the freezer, totalling 636L.  
The refrigerator’s InnerCase is great for larger, bulkier items. The new models has a 610mm counter depth (without door), so it will fit into most kitchen spaces. 
The Samsung Food Showcase was this year recognised globally for its design, awarded an Honoree by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) in the 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards.                   
The Showcase area can be split into three shelving zones: Cooking Zone (upper level)/ Family Zone (mid-level) and Kids Zone at the lower-level which can be detached and placed on the bench.
It also keeps different types of food fresher with Samsung’s All Around Cooling, that promotes even cooling.
The Food Showcase has a 2.5 star energy efficiency rating and includes Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology for better cooling performance, which comes with a 10 years parts warranty. 
There’s also an Ice & Water dispenser, the Ice Master is built into the door, making up to 2.2kg of ice. 
The Food Showcase is available now at select retailers, RRP $4,599.