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MSI Go VR-Ready Trident Gaming PC

MSI are asking gamers to ‘think small, play big’ with their new MSI Trident gaming PC, which they say is the world smallest VR-ready desktop.

The Trident features customized MSI GeForce GTX 1060 gaming graphics card and the latest Intel Core processors to ensure “desktop performance levels that fit any gamer’s demands.”

The Trident’s case features a unique thermal design that promising unmatched cooling efficiency regardless of whether its set to stand horizontally or vertically, with performance as quiet as it is smooth.

It’s not hard to look at either. Featuring an RGB Mystic Light that can be customized to fit the room and equipped with high-speed USB, USB-C and HDMI ports on the front of the case, the Trident will make the jump to VR as easy as gets.

According to MSI, “Trident redefines the size needed for true PC Gaming and will let gamers bring true gaming desktop performance everywhere.

The MSI Trident will be available worldwide by middle of November 2016.

Update: MSI confirmed pricing will fall around $1499 AUD for an i5-equipped Trident and $1799 for an i7-specced model.

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