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MSI CEO Dead After Tragic Building Fall

Sheng-Chang [Charles] Chiang, President and Chief Executive of Taiwanese PC maker, MSI, has tragically died after falling from the seventh floor of the firm’s headquarters in Tapei on July 7.

Reported by Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimes, the company has implemented emergency actions to normalise departmental operations, with police investigating the death.

No further information has been recognised around the circumstances of his death at this time.

Chiang (56) was with MSI for over twenty years, and took the helm as Chief Executive in January 2019.

He was known for profitably maneuvering the company into the motherboards and graphics cards market.

Chiang joined MSI in 1999 as Vice President of Engineering, and took the reins as General Manager of its desktop platform business division in 2010.

MSI was founded in 1986 and initially specialised in motherboards and GPU components, before expanding into a plethora of laptops, PCs and monitors with a gaming edge.

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