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Mozilla To Target ‘Fake News’

Mozilla has announced a new initiative designed to combat the rise and proliferation of fake news online, called the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI).

Writing on the company’s blog, Chief Innovation Officer Katharina Borchert says that “the spread of misinformation violates nearly every tenet of the Mozilla Manifesto, our guiding doctrine.”

“Mozilla has a long history of putting community and principles first, and devoting resources to urgent issues—our Firefox browser is just one example. Mozilla is committed to building tolerance rather than hate, and building technology that can protect individuals and the web.”

“So we’re drawing on the unique depth and breadth of the Mozilla Network—from journalists and technologists to policymakers and scientists—to build functional products, research, and community-based solutions.”

She says MITI will partner with global media organizations to do this, and also double down on their existing work in the space, like Pocket, Focus, and Coral.

Mozilla will also support key events in this space, like Media Party Argentina, the Computation+Journalism Symposium, the Online News Association, the 22×20 summit, and a MisinfoCon in London as part of MozFest.

According to her, “More than ever, we need a network of people and organizations devoted to understanding, and combatting, misinformation online. The health of the Internet — and our societies — depends on it.”


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