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Motorola Roll Out New Wireless Earbuds As Alternative To AirPods

In a move that many other tech companies are sure to follow, Motorola have announced that their new audio range of wireless Bluetooth earbuds will be making its way into Australian retailers this September – just in time for the launch of the iPhone 7.

Motorola’s VerveLoop+ comes IP57-rated (which means its water, sweat and dust proof) and positioned as a pair of Bluetooth headphones ideally situated for sports-use.

They feature a wide Bluetooth range of 45 meter and promise 9.5 hours of playback before requiring a recharge.

According to the company, ” VerveLoop+ sports an ergonomic and practical design, making it easy to retrieve from handbags and backpacks.”

They’re hardly subtle about pitching them as an alternative to Apple’s newly announced AirPods, saying the headphones are “perfect for pairing with devices lacking a headphone jack.”

They even include integration with Hubble Connect, helping you to find them if lost.

The black-and-orange colored earbuds will arrive in stores from late September at an RRP of $129.95.

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