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Motorola Razr Proves Popular: Pre-Orders Filled, Deliveries Delayed

If you’re planning to place a pre-order in for Motorola’s upcoming Razr, it’s a bad time – they won’t be received until 18 February, which is more than 10 days after their official launch.

The resurrected flagship flip phone, now equipped with a folding screen, will exclusively hit Verizon on 6 February.

Meanwhile, pre-orders were made available yesterday with delivery dates for the $1,500 device were quickly pushed out by several days because of their overwhelming popularity.

It seems, despite Motorola releasing a video admitting to lumps under the screen being normal, sales have not been hindered by any compromising information.

Motorola’s official website, which is also taking pre-orders for the Razr, has now listed the same delayed 18 Febraury estimated date for release at this point.

(Photo: Motorola, YouTube)

The company delayed pre-orders by a month after claiming that the interest in the phone had exceeded their initial expectations.

The high interest in Motorola’s Razr comes after Samsung’s Galaxy Fold got off to a slow start.

But Samsung hasn’t given up – the Korean electronics giant is now rumoured to be pushing out their Galaxy Z Flip phone and flagship S20 range on February 11, just days after the Razr’s release.

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