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Android 10 Now Available On Motorola Razr

The latest-gen Android 10 operating system is now available on the Motorola razr, for both new and existing customers.

Android 10 adds a host of new functionalities to the razr.

For instance, Android 10 allows users to do more with razr’s Quick View display, which is the screen on the outer-side of the folded smartphone (see photo above).

Now, users can call their favourite contacts faster by swiping left on the Quick View display. The new Smart Reply function and Quick View keyboard also make messaging faster.

Android 10 also adds Quick Capture capabilities, allowing users to take selfie photos via the Quick View camera while the device is closed. Group Selfie and Portrait Mode have also been added to the range of camera modes.

Another new Quick View function is the ability to navigate Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube Music and more from this compact screen.

Those who already own a razr smartphone can download the Android 10 update by going into Settings > System > System Updates.

“With the razr, we have brought incredibly innovative hardware to the market but software is also vital to maximising the experience of this new form factor. With Android™ 10 now available on razr, we’re raising the bar even higher for the most intuitive, enjoyable, and seamless experiences possible,” said Danny Adamopoulos, General Manager of Sales, APAC for Mature Markets, Motorola.

The razr launched in Australia in early 2020 and is available at JB HI-FI and Motorola.com.au.


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