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Motorola Makes Budget 5G Phone Debut

Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched into the 5G phone space, with the debut of its Moto G 5G Plus significantly dropping the entry price for budget-conscious consumers.

The Moto G 5G Plus is said to be among, if not the, most affordable 5G phone on today’s market, and will release in Europe in mid-July for £299 (~A$535).

Motorola is reportedly set to release an under US$500 5G phone in America later this year, however, Australian pricing and availability for a similarly mid-range 5G device is yet to be announced.

The 5G phones are tipped to stay within the banner of Motorola’s affordably-branded G series.

Motorola’s more premium and recently unveiled 5G handsets like the Edge and Edge Plus are also yet to make an Australian debut.

The new Moto G 5G Plus is said to be the most value-added G-series phone so far, boasting a 6.7-inch screen and Snapdragon 765G chipset.

With a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, the device also offers four rear cameras and a two front ‘selfie’ lenses.

The smartphone offers increased customisation with the My UX software and runs Android 10.

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