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Motorola iPhone X Rip-Off Panned Relegated To China Market Only

Relegated to flogging their handsets in discount outlets such as Aldi and Big W in Australia, Motorola now stands accused of shamelessly ripping off the $1,700 Apple iPhone X with the backlash being so bad that the Company is set to only sell the device in China where ripping off another Companies IP is an accepted practise.

Shunned by carriers the Chinese owned phone brand which at one stage was the #1 phone brand in Australia appear to be so desperate to get back into the premium market that they have copied the Apple design right down to small details like the position of the rear camera.

The back of the leaked device is covered in a white glass remarkably similar to the top selling Apple iPhone, except that Apple’s logo has been replaced with Motorola’s and it doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

Not only that the new P30 that comes in an iridescent twilight colour similar to Huawei’s P20.

Huawei’s P20 comes in twilight, which is a deep purple that can turn into blue, depending on what lighting it’s under.

Motorola is calling its similar shade “Aurora.”

By ripping off the iPhone X’s looks and the Huawei P20’s most memorable colour Motorola is looking to capture the Chinese market.

The only difference is that Motorola has retained some of the bezel on the bottom of the new P20.

One observer said ‘It seems baffling that Motorola would add a notch at the top of the phone while keeping the bezel. Instead, it would make more sense to have no notch and shift the screen downwards, removing the lower bezel’.

Fans of Motorola also revealed their disappointment on Reddit.

One complained that Motorola was much better as a company when owned by Google, rather than its current Chinese owner, Lenovo.

“The state of Motorola is such a shame. They had such style under Google when the Moto X was announced. I had hoped Lenovo would allow them to foster it. Guess not,” an angry user wrote.

Another said: “And to think they used to be the ‘iPhone’ of the market with the RAZR back in the pre-smartphone era.”

And one upset Motorola fan said: “The same company which designed the Moto 360 and the Moto X is now resorting to copying iPhones like some cheap Chinese imitation. What a massive shame.”

Motorola is yet to respond to the complaints.

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