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Move Stores To Sell New B&O $2,690 Speaker

Move Stores To Sell New B&O $2,690 Speaker

The new system is what B&O call a one-point music player
that streams through both AirPlay with iOS devices and DLNA with Android
devices.  The sound system delivers 480
watts via a digital Class D amplifier system with separate amps for each of the
5 built-in speaker units.

Included in this is an 8-inch unit that lays down
authoritative and tightly controlled bass through the bass port reflex
construction hidden behind the unit.

Via the use of Bang & Olufsen’s patented adaptive bass
linearisation technology the BeoPlay A9 delivers accurate and powerful bass at
all listening levels.

 The digital algorithm
constantly monitors and adjusts the bass signal to root out distortion and
protect the drivers inside.

Users also have access to 3 pre-set room-positioning options
to choose from, this technology allows one to easily optimise the sound
according to the speaker’s location.

The system has wooden legs which one can place it on the
floor or you can take the legs off and use a wall bracket to mount it on the
wall. You can also change the front cover in a snap – and make it match your
mood and interior.  Whatever your taste
and preference BeoPlay A9 can be customized to adapt to it.

You can choose from 10 different front covers and 6
different types of legs.

BeoPlay A9 Black Edition is priced at AUD $2690, NZ $3650