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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: NeSSA Smart Mirror Fixes Fashion Woes

For some, wearing the same outfit twice in short succession is (apparently) a fashun nightmare.

But fear repeat offending no more with the NeSSA smart mirror – it uses a built-in camera to photograph what you’re wearing, upload it to the cloud and run an algorithm to establish if you’re worn the outfit before.

NeSSA, meaning ‘Never Same Shirt Again,’ is developed by Shiftall and was debuted at the annual CES 2020 in Las Vegas, where guests got to experience the smart mirror technology for the very first time.

Once the photograph is uploaded to the cloud, it was then linked to your calendar, which at this stage is only Google Calendar, which is synced via the company’s companion app.

The app then informs you if you’re ‘at risk’ of wearing an outfit too soon after its last public appearance.

On the mirror itself, a red or green LED lights up to signify whether you’re safe to depart your home in the outfit of choice.

The mirrors algorithms can even use its Calendar synergy to tell you if you have worn two similar outfits on consecutive days.

NeSSA said the smart mirror is still just a concept model – meaning more features and refinements may still come before it’s official launch date.

Its set date for release is August this year, with a starting price of $200.

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